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TVOSM Podcast ep #07 - My Favorite Book

September 17, 2021


This podcast is about books and audiobooks. Today I walk you through my favorite book of all time, if creating audiobooks are difficult, ACX audiobook contracts and scams, and what it takes to narrate and write your own book.

Video podcast version:

If you have any questions or want me to bring up something specific to either the audiobook side or the author side of production, drop a comment. I still plan to improve the video quality at some point. Hang in there. I'm saving my riches for the time being.

I only have one Patreon member right now which is already one more than I was expecting... but how cool would it be if I had two Patreon members? If you join my Patreon you get my audiobooks for free so take that for whatever you think it's worth!

If somehow you haven't heard enough of my voice, I co-host another podcast. You can find it at


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